Aerogel Ultra Light Weight Concrete

Aerogel & Concrete - G.tecz developed a cost-effective and easy to handle ultra  light weight concrete system that includes aerogel powder or granulate. Like all our other materials, we can vary density and mechanical properties as well as thermal coefficients regarding the requirments of the structure or application.


The simple diagram is showing the relation of one type of aerogel-concrete we developed. The interesting part here: due to the usage of a nano optimized Quantz matrix, the compressive strength and the flexural strength are higher compared to competetive concrete materials. 


Next to high strength and very good insulation factors, the properties regarding environmental influence as ice and defrosting, acid rain and so on are extraordinary - No damages appeared while all of our tests.


... please ask us for information ...


When taking about costs, the overall costs for a product should be discussed first. By using Aerogel concrete for pre-fab wall systems, the whole structure and wall section will change including the usual additional insulation and plaster that is necessary to get the required insulation factor.


With Aerogel concrete

- the thermal insulation system is not required anymore.

- the additional plaster is not required.

- Wall sections can be thinner > More space to build or lease.

- labour costs and building costs will be decreased.

- ... and more advantages.


So even with a higher prize, the wall section will cost the same or less per squaremeter. 



These pictures are showing the quality of the aerogel-ultra-light-weight-concrete.
The right two ones are showing the architectural quality of our material (Pictures by A.Hub, University of Stuttgart).

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