Gtecz Team

dr. ing. gregor zimmermann

CEO of G.tecz. Concerned with  structure optimization, product development and administration. Long lasting experience with light weight structures and FEM optimization methods.

Dr. Ing. Thomas Teichmann

CEO of G.tecz. Concerned with concrete-research and consulting. Specialized on concrete optimization and development of ultra high performance concrete. Member of German and International technical comities.

Jennifer Sepec

Assistant of CEO

Tino Sablotny


laboratory | engineering | consultancy

Jessica Zindel

building materials inspector and student help | building construction

laboratory | engineering

Sven Garbe

building materials inspector


Nathalia Crede

Assistant of CEO | housefabrik

Frank Degner


laboratory | engineering | consultancy | housefabrik

Sören Wurm

apprentice | building materials inspector