economical advantages


The potential of savings for regular concretes is huge. Usually concretes were designed once and then used since a longtime without adaption of the recipe. But over the time the quality of the cement changed, the quality of the silica changed, the supplier of the gravels is delivering another sand, ... and so on.

So, the optimization of your concrete with the blueCONCRETE Technology will effect the usage of the whole potentials of your raw-materials. Result is the optimal usage of cement, other fines, gravels, water and plasticizers.
Also simplifying the recipe and weaving of useless additives with the blueCONCRETE Technology, production failures will be reduced and the production process stabalized.


The potential economic benefits are:


- Decreasing the prize of your concrete
- Better usage of natural resources
- Higher product quality
- Less rejections
- Better workability > Better production process

Business Model

The business model does have two phases:

- development

- production & service. 

G.tecz charges a development fee to cover the initial laboratory costs. Those will be pro-rata refunded with production licence fees.

With the licence fees comes the already included G.tecz service.
Return of Invest takes place within the first months after 

producing blueCONCRETE.



Three examples will show you the range of possible savings:

1)  Austria, Midsize Pre-Cast Company:

     - 40m3 per day: C60
     - Savings: 35 Euro / m3
     > New concrete class: C90

     > Money saved and material class increased

     > Savings: 280.000 Euros per year

2) Netherlands, Midsize Pre-Cast Company:

     - 30m3/day: C45

     - Savings: 15 Euro / m3

     > Savings: 90.000 Euros per year

3) Germany, Small Pre-Cast Company:

     - 25 m3/day: C35
     - Savings: 8,50 Euro / m3

     > Savings: 42.500 Euros per year