Know-How Transfer

individual solutions for you, with your raw-materials and for your production lines.

Step  1- Analysis

Survey of your raw materials and production lines

> Optimal usage of your raw-materials

> Reduction of material costs

> Material optimized for your mixer and your production line

Step 3 - Transfer

Transfer of concrete technology

> We will transfer formulation and know-how to you

> Engineers will accompany you while transfer

> Test pruductions with new material

> Quality control and proof of development aims

Step 2 - Development

Development of your concrete technologies

> Usage of your local raw-materials

> Material properties regarding your requirements

> Optimized workability

> Cost optimized concrete

Step 4 - Production

Production of the new concrete products

> After the transfer you can imediately produce

> Free adaption of concrete in case of problems

> Usage of collaboration Network for clients