Quantz Performance


Quantz is not a standard product - it's a technology. Material parameters can be adapted regarding your requirements. The following list will show you the range of possible material parameters:

- compressive strength: 80 – 500 MPa
- tensile strength: 3 – 20 MPa
- flexural strength (matrix):  3 – 27 MPa
- flexural strength (reinforced): 5 – 75 MPa
- fracture energy: 50 - 90 kN/m
- possible unit thickness: >  2 mm

- carbonating: 1.5 mm after 3 years
- chloride-diffusion: not measurable 
- water resistance: not measurable 
- frost-resistance: < 100 g/m2 
- dispersion: up to 80 cm 
- shrinkage: 1 - 1.5 ‰
- crack width: << 0.1 mm

- weight: 1.5 - 2.7 t/m3

THE PERFORMANCE of Quantz is much more than only a high compressive strength. Further, the performance stands for perfect workability, high quality, customized high compressive and flexural strength, impermeability and an overall ecological and economical effectivity.

CUSTOMIZED MATERIAL PROPERTIES can be set up regarding the requirements of the application, production or environmental conditions.

LOCAL RAW MATERIALS will be used for the development of Quantz. Shipping of raw materials is not necessary and thus costs and emissions are reduced.

THE DURABILITY of the material is extremely high. Long-term studies and research projects evaluated a  durability 3-times better compared to regular concrete. 

THE WORKABILITY can be adjusted in context to the production processes: From clay like to self compacting



Quantz Information
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Quantz Reference
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Gooise Bridge - Utrecht, The Netherlands


This monolithic bridge was produced by ROMEIN BETON by using the G.tecz concrete technology QUANTZ.

2012 ROMEIN BETON - Winner of European Concrete competition with the G.tecz material technology.

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