How do we develop Quantz


The basic key for your economical and ecological success
is the development, the technology transfer and our service.
How does this work?

Only a few steps are necessary:

- Specification of class & national codes
- Research on applicable raw-materials
- Analysis of your local raw-materials & recipe
- Development of Quantz
- Estimation of phys. & mech. properties
- Optimization of Quantz
- Test series > G.tecz Labs
- Proof of mech. and phys. properties

- Test series > Your facilities
- Proof of phys. and mech. properties
- Final Adaptation of your individual Quantz
> Production of Quantz

The development time depends on the scale of operation. An impulse development can be done in 3 months, an all-embracing development will takes about 5-6 months.


The result of the Quantz development is a unique material, that allows you to think of concrete without limits. With Quantz, you will not only get a new material, you will get Kow-How: G.tecz as developer of Quantz will brief and consult you in fabricating and applying Quantz as well as launching quality assurance or performing inhouse training. 


A continous service is part of the development. In case that one of the raw-materials changes, or the chemical reaction of one component changes, whether there are problems with workability or quality - G.tecz will immediately support you and find a solution or re-optimizes the recipe.

With our laboratory, G.tecz can also help you as an external quality manager to proof the physical and mechanical properties of your materials. As prevention, G.tecz can continously check the quality of your raw-materials and negotiate conditions with your suppliers.