Sustainability of Quantz respective Ultra High Performance Concrete

Below polymer concrete, concrete and the new material Quantz® are compared.

These data are based on public average statistic information and calculations of the company G.tecz. Materials, such as porcelain and steel, are additionally listed.  

They are to be construed as representative data due to the multiplicity of the materials and their characters.

Energy Consumption

Advantages of Quantz® compared to concrete or polymer concrete

The advantages compared to concrete or polymer concrete lie on the one hand in the environment-friendliness and cost effectiveness of the material, on the other hand in the new constructive possibilities value creation chain which arises from these factors.

The total costs i.e. from the raw material to product development, concrete formwork , series production etc. are, converted to the competitive products, the same or even lower with a higher degree of innovation and a bigger value creation chain at the same time.