Press · 01. September 2022
Press · 01. September 2022
28 students from 5 countries, 4 tutors and the complete G.tecz team. 1 week masterclass workshop in our lab in Kassel: UHPC, shotcrete, 3D printed concrete and extruded concrete. The students were able to try all the technologies and implement their own ideas. ! Week of experiments, innovation and fun. We would like to thank the organizer Siebe Bakker and the Concrete Information Center, the students and our G.tecz team.

Press · 19. June 2022
BERLIN AIRPORT TEGEL - BIGG CHANGE CONFERENCE. Meet Dr. Thomas Teichmann. 23-24.06.2022
Press · 08. November 2017
concrete, that's our life. 10 years ago we started G.tecz Engineering in Kassel. Since 2007 we realised more than 300 projects worldwide, developed hundreds of different concrete technologies and invented several new production and processing processes. We installed a full concrete laboratory for wet concrete as well as physical laboratory with SEM and EDX. Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), Insulation Concrete, Fast hardening Concrete or even 3D Printer Concrete are our core concrete...