19. June 2022
26.08.2022 - 6:00PM, Stadthalle Kassel, Germany VDZ (Vereins Deutscher Zement-Fabrikanten), with support of G.tecz is presenting the NIGHT OF CONCRETE. Impulse talks about concrete and the future of the material for architects, engineers and construction industry. A discussion panel will discuss with the audience about the talks and their visions.
Concrete Design Competition - Masterclass
Concrete Technology · 19. June 2022
20.-26.08.2022 Kassel G.tecz Engineering GmbH is sponsoring the CDC (Concrete Design Competition Masterclass) this year. About 30 students and 10 professionals will work in the G.tecz laboratories on ideas with concrete: Extrude concrete, Rotate Concrete, 3D Print or shot-create Concrete. Several lectures by architects and engineers will be each evening.

Press · 19. June 2022
BERLIN AIRPORT TEGEL - BIGG CHANGE CONFERENCE. Meet Dr. Thomas Teichmann. 23-24.06.2022
Concrete Design Masterclass
Concrete Technology · 23. August 2021
As part of the Concrete Design Masterclass for the winners of the Concrete Design Competition in four different countries, key-note lectures will be given by internationally prominent architects, structural engineers and concrete experts in the week of August 23. Because the Masterclass has to take place online this year, this also gives relations of Tektoniek the opportunity to attend the lectures for free via Zoom.

Press · 08. November 2017
concrete, that's our life. 10 years ago we started G.tecz Engineering in Kassel. Since 2007 we realised more than 300 projects worldwide, developed hundreds of different concrete technologies and invented several new production and processing processes. We installed a full concrete laboratory for wet concrete as well as physical laboratory with SEM and EDX. Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), Insulation Concrete, Fast hardening Concrete or even 3D Printer Concrete are our core concrete...
Schedule · 08. November 2017
13.11.17 Zement & Beton Kolloquium, Wien. Dr. Thomas Teichmann will talk about the latest concrete developments and innovations for the concrete industry.

Schedule · 08. November 2017
Pulverdruck und Crafting: 3D-Formgebungsverfahren mit Beton. Dr.-Ing. Thomas TEICHMANN will present the latest technologies at the IAB conference.
Concrete Technology · 11. September 2017
The myUHPC ready mix can be ordered in smaller quantities via the website . For major customers, G. tecz Engineering offers the individual development of their own cost-effective UHPC, based on their own raw materials

Concrete Technology · 11. September 2017
Firmen Know-How, Mitarbeiter, Materialtechnologie, innovative Produkte sowie Produktionsverfahren sind die wertvollsten Ressourcen eines Unternehmens. G.tecz bietet individuelle, zukunftsfähige Technologien und Konzepte, um die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit eines Unternehmens in Zusammenarbeit mit dessen Team zu steigern.
11. September 2017
Company know-how, employees, material technology, innovative products and production processes are the most valuable resources of a company. G. tecz offers individual, future-oriented technologies and concepts to increase the competitiveness of a company in cooperation with its team.

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