Quantz - UHPC Technology

The next generation - ultra high performance concrete

Quantz is as strong as steel with the characteristics of ceramics, but cost-effective and ecological - thats the new cement bonded high-tech material Quantz. It's based on latest research results and special, new generative and evolutionary algorithms developed by G.tecz.


Due to novel optimization algorithms and material configurations based on local raw-materials, G.tecz developed this new technology.


It's detached from traditional technologies and pathbreaking:

Developed for the building industry, machine industry, security industry, architecture and design.



Scyscraper structures, bridges, highway coatings, walls, floors, ceiling, tunnels, pre-cast segments, industry 

floorings, facades (bearing or curtain), exposed concrete, interior design, table ware, sanitary panels and accessories, tiles, flagstones, machine foundations, constructive machine elements and security industry, ...

How does it work ?

Quantz is developed individually for customer preferences. With modern, outstanding mathematical algorithms and know-how about packing density and calculation of waterfilm thickness, that are representing the top of the state of the art, we will create your individual Quantz (individual UHPC mix design). The material is composed on consideration of local aggregates and local fabrication processes as well as environmental conditions.


> all kind of colors - also snow-white and black

> from rough surfaces to a high glossy finish
> no additional coatings are needed
> no limits for forms and shapes
> unit thickness from 2 mm up to meters


> developed with local raw materials
> perfect workability
> from clay-like to self compacting
> customized compressive strength
> customized flexural strength
> customized porosity
> cost-effective
> sustainable
> available: worldwide

fig.1: packing density model

one of our secrets

packing density

G.tecz developed own mathematic methods to calculate packing density and waterfilm thickness including workability factors. Generative respective evolutionary algorithms are enabeling us to optimize the packing and thus to create an extremely dense and high strength material.

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