3D Additive Manufacturing

Print Concrete

In collaboration with Voxeljet and the University of Kassel, G.tecz developed the worldwide first printable pure water and cement based 3D Printer Concrete. The technology is unique and is optimized for the printers of voxeljet.

The cement bonded material allows you to print concrete objects in a never before seen quality and with endless geometry and application options.


The printer volume is about 60x40x40 centimeters. Huge objects can be printed easily - or hundreds of small objects at the same time.

This technology will not only speed up prototyping in concrete but will also reduce costs for zero-series or mass production.


Print parametric objects in concrete - each shape different. No more extra costs for mold making! No more extra time for mold making. Just print each single individual object.

application - Aluminum Casting

Aluminum casting with 3D printed concrete - this is a brand new and revolutionary way to produce aluminum elements.

The 3D printer concrete is processed on voxeljet's industrial printers and allows the print of huge aluminum molds. Like you know it from other industries it has become simpler than ever:


- Develop the aluminum mold with CAD.

- Send the CAD file (IGS, STEP, ....)

- The 3D Concrete Elements will be printed

- Cast aluminum

... that's it. 



  • first real 3D printer concrete, no epoxy or other binders
  • high material strength
  • cost effective
  • fast production
  • no molds required
  • infilitration of material possible
  • uv-resistant
  • fire-resistant




  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Machinery industry
  • Hot metal casting
  • ....

Printer Technology

voxeljet's innovative 3D printers are the perfect choice for the fully automatic manufacture of high-quality components from particulate material, without the use of tools. Voxeljet manufactures the machines with a high degree of vertical integration at our Augsburg plant. The printers combine durability with reliability even under the harshest industrial conditions.


>>> www.voxeljet.com

Research Partners

- voxeljet AG ( 3D Printer Producer)

- University Kassel, Dept. Architecture, Structural Engineering (3D Design and calculation of Prints)  

NEWs on 3D Concrete printer Material

29.09 - 3D Konference Nyborg, Denmark

3D Printing Concrete

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Materia Gevel 2015, Rotterdam

3D Printed concrete from G.tecz. Visit the Materia /Gevel 2015 in Rotterdam.


27 - 29. January 2015, Rotterdam








(Picture: Siebe Bakker)

3D Druck Beton - Pilotprojekte

3DP - Additive Layer Manufacturing mit Beton - eine von G.tecz Engineering speziell entwickelte Zement gebundene Fertigmischung für Pulver verarbeitende Drucker macht dies möglich. Der nano optimierte und rein Zement gebundene Werkstoff benötigt lediglich Wasser zur Reaktion und erreicht Druckfestigkeiten von ca. 5 N/mm2 bei einem Gewicht von 2kg pro Liter. Durch seine offene Struktur eignet er sich nicht nur für den Druck von Aluminiumguss Formen sondern auch z.B. für den Druck von Designprodukten bis hin zu Repliken von Statuen oder Ornamenten zur Anwendung in der Altbausanierung. Der sandsteinartige Charakter des 3D Druck Betons kommt hierbei den architektonischen Ansprüchen entgegen.

Die Firmen Voxeljet und G.tecz Engineering sind die Entwicklungspartner des neuartigen 3D Druck Betons und suchen Interessenten für Pilotprojekte. Firmen können sich für den Pilot-Druck bewerben und an der Evaluierung des neuen Werkstoffs teilnehmen. Branchenübergreifend soll das Material sowohl für den Aluminiumguss, wie aber auch für Produkt- oder Designanwendungen im Innen- oder Außenbereich getestet werden. Engagierte, 3D Druck interessierte Firmen und die Entwicklungspartner werden in Kleinserien das Druckverfahren, das Material sowie die Druckergebnisse evaluieren. Vor Verkaufsstart können Interessenten die einmalige Chance nutzen und das Material für ihre Anwendungen einsetzen.

Kontakt: contact@gtecz.com

Materialien für die individuelle Produktion

Hessen Nanotech Symposium

12. November 2015

Richard-HKück-Forum, Hanau


Neue nano-optimierte Betone für das Additive Manufacturing im Formenbau -Dr. Gregor Zimmermann, G.tecz Engineering

Mr. Zimmermann will present the latest state of the art concrete technologies regarding 3D Printing in architecture but especially on printing concrete molds for aluminum casting, glas production processes or plastic injection molding.



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23. October, 2015 - Delft University, Berlage Rooms




>> Additive Manufacturing (AM) is referred to as a very promissing technique. What are the important functions and characteristics of produced building components? Can additive manufactured elements already be implemented widely in the building industry, or should their performance be improved first? This Think Tank will focus on the implementation of AM in the building industry,

investigating questions regarding durability, (anisotropic) material behavior and which materials are suitable. Another ambition concerns the possibilities of combining various materials in one AM process. Are ‘new’ materials with matching production systems required? And there are more challenges to explore. During the discussion we invite you to be creative and think about the applications of AM. Let’s give the building industry a boost with Real Additive Manufacturing! <<


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