3mm UHPC Concrete Panels

the ultra thin layer for wallpaper, furniture and design objects

skinny.B is a brand new concrete product for interior wall cladding.

It's only 3mm thick but extremely strong. It's the first time that you can get a 3mm concrete panel for interior design applications that is concrete and doesn't imitate it - get the concrete feeling!



  • 100cm x 50cm x 3mm
  • 120cm x 60cm x 3mm
  • special dimensions are possible



  • White
  • Gray (see pictures)
  • Special colors are possible



  • Glossy
  • Matt 
  • Wrinkled (see pictures)
  • Patterns 



  • Cut
  • Rough look (see pictures)


Fixing: It can be fixed to the wall or substructure by gluing, hook-and-loop-fasterner or screwing.


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