R&D Ventilator Chassis

Hürner Funken produces several types of industrial ventilators. Due to the usage of plastics for the ventilator chassis, the ventilators aren’t that resistant against strong environmental influences - Especially the resistance against UV-light is a challenging topic.


The benefit of using concrete is the natural resistance against normal environmental influences. A special concrete formulation combined with special and selected raw materials allows a sufficient resistance against appearing acids and other aggressive materials. Further benefits are the noise and vibration damping of the concrete shell. The special developed Quantz-Concrete is fluent and thus any shape and geometry can be generated. 


Also the mould technology was investigated and optimized for the production process. Two technologies are available:

a) traditional casting of 7mm thick casing shells with double sided molds and

b) 3D rotation of the material in molds. Both methods are leading to successful and satisfying results.




  • High chemical resistance
  • Noise reduction
  • Vibration reduction
  • same weight as plastic housing!
  • Easy shape generation possible
  • Individual design
  • reduction of energy costs


Material: Quantz

Thickness: 5-8 mm

Casing size: 35cm to 100cm



Hürner Funken

Dr. Mauch