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Our workshop is for

Architects, Designers, Engineers and Decision Makers of companies that are interested in new concrete technologies.

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Workshop - Philosophie & Technik

Weiter denken ....

Unser Workshop richtet sich an Ingenieure, Techniker, Architekten, Designer und andere technische Berufe. Innovationen werden möglich, wenn man etablierte Bahnen und starre Konzepte verlässt. Das Neue kann nicht geplant werden. Die WERKSTATT FÜR ZWECKFREIEN NUTZEN des Künstlers Michael Evers bietet einen Raum für kreative Improvisation. Hier können Technologie und Rationalität mit den Augen der Philosophie gesehen werden, künstlerische Experimente mit Farbe und Zeichenstift eröffnen innere Freiheiten für den Perspektivenwechsel. So wird analytisches Denken und effizienzorientiertes Handeln außer Kraft gesetzt. Im künstlerischen, zweckfreien Spielen kommen bisher unbekannte Potenziale und Eingebungen in die Sichtbarkeit. 


Wenn wir verstehen, warum wir uns in unserem strukturierten Handeln zum Teil selbst blockieren, öffnen sich Freiflächen für neue Ideen. In unserem Workshop werden Anregungen gegeben, aus der Routine auszusteigen und Grenzen zu durchbrechen. Michael Evers referiert über verschiedene Themen aus Philosophie und Kunstgeschichte und führt Sie durch den kreativen Workshop. Sie lernen nicht nur neue Denkweisen kennen - gewünscht ist auch das Gespräch, der Austausch untereinander und die Entstehung neuer Netzwerke.  

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betonbau.aktuell 2017 - 16.02

Thema "Beton kann mehr – innovative Lösungen aus Beton"

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Ulmer Betontage 14 - 16.02

Dr. Teichmann is lecturing at the ulmer betontage

Interested in new concrete technologies, uhpc, UHPC facades, hybrids ?? See you there.

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MATERIAl Experience 06 - 12 feb. 2017

Meet us at the material experience 2017, Utrecht

G.tecz will present some new concrete technologies at the material experience fair in Utrecht.  2017 is the year of new product releases as there are:

- 'plotted' concrete: Plot concrete and create amazing tiles and facade elements.

- housefabrik: The hybrid concrete sandwich for low cost houses.


Dr. Zimmermann will give a lecture on Latest Concrete Technologies at the 7th. Feb at the fair.

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Vacation Time

happy holidays

We will be out of office from Friday 23.12.2016 - 02.01.2017.

The G.Tecz Engineering Team wishes happy holidays and a happy new year.


We are looking forward to seeing you in 2017!

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Concrete Textile


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Construction Review Online

Heat Resistant Special Concrete Molds for Aluminum Casting, developed by G.tecz.

Concrete Molds for Liquid Metals

Nano optimized concrete matrix systems are enabling new solutions, not only in the building industry. G.tecz Engineering’s latest development is a high temperature resistant optimized concrete matrix, based on Portland cement in combination with other cements and high temperature resistant fines.

The material can take temperature shock loads of 900°C up to 1400°C in a short time range while keeping mechanical performance for an outstanding time span. Next to the outstanding mechanical performance and thermal resistance, the material is extremely affordable compared to industrial standard molds made of steel. Fields of applications are molds for liquid metal casting as well as chassis for high temperature ovens or heat shields of machines.

Application – The new developed concrete was tested in laboratory as well as industrial scale for aluminum casting. Industrial partners from the automotive industry proofed the concept and economical aspects of the technology. Main idea of the concrete mold is to replace steel molds for prototype developments as well as usage for zero and small series productions.

Advantages of the system are;

  • Easy to realize concrete molds due to the fluid concrete behavior due to its self leveling and doesn’t require temperature treatment for the hardening process.
  • Simple and precise form generations (olds of the molds) by 3d printing the negatives.
  • 3 times less weight compared to steel molds
  • 90 percent cost savings compared to steel molds
  • Surface near cooling or heating channels are possible and can be directly integrated in the concrete mold.
  • Usage of the mold for several cycles
  • Release agents are not necessarily required for the aluminum casting.
  • High compressive strength of the concrete is possible, up to 300Mpa.

G.tecz’s industrial partners tested the mold system with 900°C hot and fluid aluminum that was casted in the pre-heated concrete mold as well as aluminum injection molding with 800bar pressure. Both tests were successfully mastered by the concrete mold. Molds and aluminum parts were made as test elements for engines for cars. The precision of the casted aluminum elements hat been very high and tolerances were accepted.

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29.09 - 3D Konference Nyborg, Denmark

3D Printing Concrete

G.tecz will present the latest 3D Printer concrete technologies at the 3D Konference in Nyborg.

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DBU Sommerakademie - Aerogel Concrete


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"New Concrete Materials Are More Green Than Grey" - Laurie Winkless

Read the full article at forbes.com

COM:BAU - 04. - 06. March 2016

Visit us at OFROOM's booth during the com:bau 2016.

G.tecz will present latest concrete technologies. Our myUHPC dry-mix project manager will be available for presentations, demos and project discussions. We are looking forward to meet you.



04 - 06 March 2016

Dornbirn, Austria


OFROOM GmbH - Halle 4-5, Stand 1




OFROOM published an article about G.tecz - the Concrete Research Punks. Read the article online:


link: OFROOM


Integrate and organize: Smart Construction

3D-printing of a porous, thermally responsive (heat storing) concrete construction as component in a future thermal smart grid.
G.tecz supports this project of Dennis de Witte at the University of Delft and P. Hoes form the TUe.

04. -06.03.2017 G.Tecz Workshop at COM:BAU

During the COM:BAU fair G.tecz gives lectures on UHPC combined with live Workshop, in Dornbirn, Austria.

Vist us at the concrete stand by Of Room.


25. & 26.02.16 - 7th CONCRETE DEMINAR, BANGALORE

Outstanding UHPC and HPC Materials with generative development and optimization methods.

G.tecz 2nd time in Bangalore, presenting at the DEMINAR. Dr. Teichmann will talk about outstanding UHPC and HPC materials with generative development and optimization methods.

Concrete Conference / Deminar 2016, Banagluru, India
Deminar 2016 brochure.pdf
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category - lost and found


Technologies, we developed once ago and found again in the deep space of our hard disk

Year 2007.


A record, made of UHPC. Perfect details and great sound.

Membrane concrete Grid Shells

category - lost and found

Technologies, we developed once ago and found again in the deep space of our hard disk.

Year 2005...

>> Not at least the membrane constructions of Frei Otto widespan lightweight structures [m1][m2] are well-known . Since then, the research for new, more efficient lightweight structures has continued. Research groups engage in constructions using membranes, cable nets or shells. However, the combination of building materials is not new nor is the combination of concrete and membranes. Nevertheless, to achieve the ideal utilization of concrete and membranes, it is necessary to adjust the construction to the special material properties. The patent “membrane concrete composite construction” (Fig.1) takes a step forward towards the further development of structure combinations. With this method not only the different materials complement one another, but also does the structural design of the complete construction.


The construction results from the special manufacturing. A two-part membrane shell is made which provides an integrated chamber system between both membranes. The shell is fixed to the floor and inflated by air pressure, similar to pneumatic buildings. When the form of the building is completed,  the chamber system is inflated by overpressure. Finally the chamber system is filled with concrete UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete).


After the UHPC is consolidated, a grid shell is formed which primarily is stressed by compressive forces. Then the air pressure inside the building can be reduced which results in a lightweight structure made of “membrane concrete”. With this method, the membrane system could fulfill several functions which do not only serve for sheeting but under special circumstances also for structures. Preferably new materials, for example, UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) [c1], should be used which allow a well optimized lightweight widespan construction.


Catchwords: Membrane, concrete, UHPC, air-inflated hall, shell, grid, pneumatic controlling, connecting details, form finding, two-part shell construction, grid shell structure.<<


Materia Gevel 2015, Rotterdam

3D Printed concrete from G.tecz. Visit the Materia /Gevel 2015 in Rotterdam.


27 - 29. January 2015, Rotterdam








(Picture: Siebe Bakker)

Happy New Year!

Dear all,


we wish you a happy new Year 2016!

We look forward to the new year's projects and developments.


All the best,

your Gtecz - Team.

3D Druck Beton - Pilotprojekte

3DP - Additive Layer Manufacturing mit Beton - eine von G.tecz Engineering speziell entwickelte Zement gebundene Fertigmischung für Pulver verarbeitende Drucker macht dies möglich. Der nano optimierte und rein Zement gebundene Werkstoff benötigt lediglich Wasser zur Reaktion und erreicht Druckfestigkeiten von ca. 5 N/mm2 bei einem Gewicht von 2kg pro Liter. Durch seine offene Struktur eignet er sich nicht nur für den Druck von Aluminiumguss Formen sondern auch z.B. für den Druck von Designprodukten bis hin zu Repliken von Statuen oder Ornamenten zur Anwendung in der Altbausanierung. Der sandsteinartige Charakter des 3D Druck Betons kommt hierbei den architektonischen Ansprüchen entgegen.

Die Firmen Voxeljet und G.tecz Engineering sind die Entwicklungspartner des neuartigen 3D Druck Betons und suchen Interessenten für Pilotprojekte. Firmen können sich für den Pilot-Druck bewerben und an der Evaluierung des neuen Werkstoffs teilnehmen. Branchenübergreifend soll das Material sowohl für den Aluminiumguss, wie aber auch für Produkt- oder Designanwendungen im Innen- oder Außenbereich getestet werden. Engagierte, 3D Druck interessierte Firmen und die Entwicklungspartner werden in Kleinserien das Druckverfahren, das Material sowie die Druckergebnisse evaluieren. Vor Verkaufsstart können Interessenten die einmalige Chance nutzen und das Material für ihre Anwendungen einsetzen.

Kontakt: contact@gtecz.com

Materialien für die individuelle Produktion

Hessen Nanotech Symposium

12. November 2015

Richard-HKück-Forum, Hanau


Neue nano-optimierte Betone für das Additive Manufacturing im Formenbau -Dr. Gregor Zimmermann, G.tecz Engineering

Mr. Zimmermann will present the latest state of the art concrete technologies regarding 3D Printing in architecture but especially on printing concrete molds for aluminum casting, glas production processes or plastic injection molding.



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23. October, 2015 - Delft University, Berlage Rooms




>> Additive Manufacturing (AM) is referred to as a very promissing technique. What are the important functions and characteristics of produced building components? Can additive manufactured elements already be implemented widely in the building industry, or should their performance be improved first? This Think Tank will focus on the implementation of AM in the building industry,

investigating questions regarding durability, (anisotropic) material behavior and which materials are suitable. Another ambition concerns the possibilities of combining various materials in one AM process. Are ‘new’ materials with matching production systems required? And there are more challenges to explore. During the discussion we invite you to be creative and think about the applications of AM. Let’s give the building industry a boost with Real Additive Manufacturing! <<


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TEKTONIK - 3D Concrete Printing

22 OCTOBER 2015 - 13:00 - 22:30



Trending Topics on Concrete Technologies - that's the keynote of Dr. Gregor Zimmermann at the Conference TEKTONIK at the TUe. 

Next to presentation of 3D printed objects and a workshop, Mr. Theo Salet, Mr. Rob Wolfs, Mr. Fabio Gramazio and Mr. Zimmermann will talk about 3D printing, parametric design and > MERGING DESIGN & PRODUCTION <

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we're Hiring

Have a look at our job offer.

CEO Dr. Thomas Teichmann gives lecture at "Architects@Work", Vienna

On Sept. 17th at 4:00 o'clock pm, Cofounder and CEO of G.tecz, Thomas Teichmann will report on G.tecz' Quantz-technology, the concrete-3D-printing system and our Premix during the "Architects@work" Symposium in Vienna.

For further information please visit: OfRoom, 17th. sept

General information on the symposium: Architects@Work

opusC -3D Printing Concrete by g.tecz

Nomination - Export Award Hesse 2015

G.tecz nominated for "Hessian Export Award 2015"

G.tecz is nominated for the "Hessian Export Award 2015" in the category "Service and Consultancy International". 

6. JULI 2015, 18:00 UHR, SEKTEMPFANG AB 17:30 UHR



Press - 3D-Printer Concrete

(PresseBox) (Kassel) Three-dimensional print technologies are worldwide under permanent development and are not only revolutionizing the production but also the products it selves. New and almost endlessly possibilities occur and lead to rethinking in nearly every line of business.

Now three-dimensional printing is also possible with concrete. The concern G.tecz Engineering, which is specialized on cement bonded high-tech-materials, developed a nano concrete for three-dimensional industrial printer, which waives completely polymer binder that was necessary until now. The dry mixture of the material will be regularly batched in printer, which already exist and handle powder, so it reaches excellent material properties. With this additive print method, 150-micrometer separate coats will be constructed to complex component parts. The size of the concrete elements is only limited by the available space of the printer.

G.tecz's purely cement bonded three-dimensional print concrete is a nano optimized dry-mix, that reaches a compressive strength of 5 N/mm2 according to the pressure sewer system and is therefore harder than many conventional porous concrete, which are known from the building industry. G.tecz is permanent enhancing the concrete to raise the tightness and the strength continuously. The concrete is with approximately 2000 kg/m3 lighter than normal concrete but just as weatherproof and temperature-resistant as normal concrete. Also 1000 degrees aren't a challenge for the material.

The area of application of the material is multifaceted and ranges from product design and architecture to concrete formwork for aluminum casting respectively permanent mold casting. In cooperation with the industry partner Voxeljet AG there were printed casting prototypes for bicycle charging points and decorative elements from the division of architecture. Even printing of statues or decorative elements for refacing old buildings are possible.

Three-dimensional print concrete also offers great possibilities for the aluminum industry. Because of his extreme resistance to heat, can the material be used for printing of casings for aluminum casting respectively permanent mold casting. The material doesn't require any chemical binder, so almost perfect aluminum molds can be generated without any inclusion. The machine finishing of the aluminum can be reduced significant. Furthermore the casings can be used several times and reach substantial economic advantages compared to other methods.

The three-dimensional print concrete can be coordinated individual to printer and print methods. Furthermore also the strength of the material can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements. G.tecz Engineering offers worldwide customized solutions for three-dimensional print concrete and opens a new chapter for concrete for the industry.

Pressemitteilung - BYO Workshops für Architekten und Designer

(PresseBox) (Kassel) In diesem Jahr bietet CSHdeluxe drei Termine zu BYO Workshops an - Bring Your Own Concrete Mold. Beton interessierte Architekten und Designer können ihre eigenen Formen, Ideen, Entwürfe zu diesen Workshop mitbringen und diese im Betonlabor mit modernsten Materialien realisieren. Teilnehmer erfahren in diesem eintägigen Workshop alles über die aktuelle Betontechnologie sowie die Zement gebundenen High Tech Werkstoffe von Morgen - vom Ultra Hochfesten Beton (UHFB bzw. UHPC) bis hin zu neu entwickelten 3D Druck Betonen oder Extruder-Betonen.

Unstudio, Nio Architecten, ANP sowie viele weitere nationale und internationale Architektur- und Design Büros haben bisher an diesen Workshops teilgenommen, Material-Know-How gesammelt, Projekte initiiert und Netzwerke geknüpft.

Die Betonmanufaktur CSHdeluxe, ist ein Label der weltweit agierenden Forschungs- & Entwicklungsfirma G.tecz Engineering welche sich auf die Entwicklung zementgebundener Werkstoffe spezialisiert hat. Die Manufaktur entwickelt und produziert hochwertige Prototypen und Serienprodukte aus modernen Betonen z.B. für Berker, Manor, docstone oder G-Star.

Die Workshops finden am 03. Juli, dem 25. September oder dem 27. November in Kassel statt. Interessierte melden sich auf der Website www.cshdeluxe.de zu einem der Workshops an.

Die Manufaktur CSHdeluxe bietet zusätzlich Workshops für Architektur- oder Design- Fachbereiche von Universitäten sowie Firmenworkshops an.

>> PresseBox Link

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Show 2015

4th Industrial Revolution: 3D-Printing und Additive Manufacturing Show 2015

5-8. May 2015 - Köln, Germany

See our 3D Printed Concrete elements at the fair.

>> Link zu haute-innovation

Impression - Syracuse University Workshop

Concrete Workshop at the University of Syracuse (US)

March 2015


Students from the SU realized light weight respective insulation concrete objects within 3 days. Aim was to experience a material that can be used to build monolithic houses. Siebe Bakker and Gregor Zimmermann lectured the students

Aluminum Casting with 3D Print Concrete

Aluminum casting with 3D printed concrete - this is a brand new and revolutionary way to produce aluminum elements.

The 3D printer concrete is processed on voxeljet's industrial printers and allows the print of huge aluminum molds. Like you know it form other industries it got simpler than ever:

- Develop the aluminum mold with CAD.

- Send the CAD file (IGS, STEP, ....)

- The 3D Concrete Elements will be printed

- Cast aluminum

... that's it. 


New and existing buildings can be thermo regulated and energy efficient with water flowing through thermo-active building systems based on renewable heat . With this research project, novel water-carrying components based on ultra-high performance concrete ( UHPC ) panels have been developed. On a laboratory scale, multi-functional components developed for thermo-active building systems ( TABS). Those  are suitable as accurate and highly resistant elements for integration into walls , ceilings or floors .

World Of Concrete, Las Vegas 3-6.Februar

Meet our Representative at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Make direct B2B connections and talk about the latest concrete technologies.

Make an appointment !


CALL +49 561 861 88 80 or Mail: contact@gtecz.com

BWI MAGAZINE - Aerogel Concrete, University Stuttgart & G.tecz

The latest BWI Magazin 02/2015 contains an article about Aerogel Concrete. The Research and Development project was initiated by the University of Stuttgart (Prof. J. Knippers, Dr. A. Hub) and G.tecz Engineering. The article describes the outcome of the R&D project and gives and outlook for the building industry.

> Link BWI Magazine

> G.tecz Aerogel Information

> University of Stuttgart, ITKE

22.12 - 05.01 - holiday season

22.12 - 05.01 is holiday season - G.tecz Engineering is closed.

We wish you merry christmas and a happy new year.

Your G.tecz team.

euromold 2014 - NOTA DE PRENSA

G.tecz es un proveedor de servicios de investigación y desarrollo orientado a la industria y especializado a materiales combinados al cemento con características parecidas al acero y a la cerámica. La compañía prestigiosa que opera a nivel mundial en el ámbito de las materiales hormigones considerase como motor de innovación para clientes guiados por el futuro y innovadores. Se desarrollan materiales y también herramientas al requerimiento de los clientes que pueden ser implementados directamente a sus procesos productivos.

Las características de los materiales especiales permiten el empleo en dos ámbitos: Mercancías de hormigón y productos semiacabados, respectivamente herramientas.

Elementos de filigrana de hormigón como carcasas, cuerpos de aislamiento y elementos de fachada pueden ser empleados en el diseño de producto, la construcción de maquinaria y también, la arquitectura. El material se basa en la tecnología Quantz® respectivamente la próxima generación de hormigones altamente resistentes (UHFB, UHPC).

Este material especial es resistente a temperaturas extremas y permiten la realización de moldes de metal, de herramientas para embutido en profundidad y de herramientas de conformación. Se puede simplificar el diseño de producto completo así por ejemplo de complexos sistemas del horno.

Últimas tecnologías en la impresión tridimensional de hormigón – desarrollado para voxeljet sistemas de impresión – permiten aplicaciones enteramente nuevos, empezando una época nueva para el diseño industrial con hormigón.

El desarrollo continuo en el ámbito de materiales combinados al cemento, un know-how exhaustivo y desarrollos orientados a la industria son las competencias de G.tecz, haciéndole un socio apreciado para clientes exigentes y innovadores.


G.tecz Engineering, c’est un entreprise de recherche et développement dans le secteur des matériaux Haute Performance liés au ciment avec des caractéristiques semblable à la céramique et l’acier. L’entreprise renommée dans la branche des matériaux de béton, est actif dans le monde entier et se considère comme moteur de l’innovation pour des clients prospectifs et innovants.

Non seulement des matériaux, mais encore d’outillage est développé précisément aux besoins des clients et peuvent être implémentés directement dans le processus de fabrication du client.

Les propriétés des matériaux spécialement liés au ciment permettent l’emploi dans deux domaines: Des produits et demi-produits en béton et d’outillage. Eléments en béton filigranes comme par exemple des caisses, des corps d’isolation ou des éléments de façade peuvent être utilisés pour le design de produits, la construction de machines et l’architecture. Le matériel se repose sur la technologie Quantz® respectivement la prochaine génération des Bétons de Ultra Haute Performance (UHFB, UHPF).

Ces Matériaux sont extrêmement résistants aux températures élevées et permettent la fabrication des moules métalliques, d’outillage d'étirage en profondeur ou d’outils de déformation.

Le design de produits complets, par exemple d’un système de four complexe, peut être simplifié. Nouvelles techniques d’impression tridimensionnelle de béton – développé pour voxeljet systèmes d'impression – permettent des totalement nouvelles applications qui inaugurent une nouvelle ère pour le design avec béton et le design industriel.

Le développement permanent dans le secteur des matériaux liés au ciment, le savoir-faire unique et développements orientés à l’industrie – ce sont les qualités de G.tecz, le partenaire apprécié des clientes innovants et prestigieux.


G.tecz will present the latest concrete technologies for mold making at the design & engineering forum during the euromold 2014 in Frankfurt (25.-18.11.2014) . Visit us at the fair and the conference.


presentation 26.11 - 12:00 - Hall8, E161

G.tecz Stand - Hall 11 - Stand B122

>> magazin

Architects @ Work

Materia.nl showed G.tecz's latest concrete developments at the ARCHITECTS AT WORK exhibition 17.-18. Sep.t in Rottetrdam. 

59. BetonTage - Vorträge / Lectures

February 2015 - 59. BetonTage - Dr. Thomas Teichmann will present new technologies on flagging resp. curb stones with the High Performance Concrete technology and the newest UHPC and concrete technologies from facade panels till 3D printing.

  • 24.02: Flagging- and Curve Stones with High Performance Concrete
  • 26.02: UHPC - From Development to Application. From 3mm Facade claddings to 3D Printer Concrete

>> Link - 59 Betontage

EUROMOLD - 25.-28.Nov. - Workshops

High Performance Concrete with Ceramic and Steel like properties? Join our workshops and brainstorm sessions to learn and see the possibilities with the new cement bonded materials. These new materials can be used in the industry in applications never seen before.  We will talk about the materials, the applications and your ideas in interdisciplinary sessions. 


Each Day one Workshop - 14:00 (2:00 pm), Hall 11, Booth B122

  • 25.11:  Hot Metal Forming
  • 26.11:  Product Design with Cement Bonded Materials
  • 27.11:  3D Printing concrete - in cooperation with VOXELJET
  • 28.11:  Glas-Blowing & Glas-Deformation with concrete Molds

You are welcome to visit us at our booth anytime. We are looking forward to meet you.

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JOB - Concrete Laboratory technicIan / Labor Betontechnologe

  • We are looking for a concrete laboratory assistant. Are you familiar with concrete? Have you worked in a concrete lab? Are you interested in new concrete technologies? Then give us a call.

  • Wir suchen einen Labormitarbeiter für unser Betonlabor.  Interesse? Rufen Sie uns einfach an.

Unsere Telefonnummer / Our contact number:  +49 (0)561 8617555

G.tecz WEBINAR - Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

27. August

6:00 pm (0:00 European Time)

WEBINAR on new concrete developments



Elegance - Concrete Design Competition

6th competition workshop in Dublin

The Concrete Web
The Concrete Web

The workshop with the 6th concrete design competition winners took place in Dublin last week. "Concrete" and "textile formwork" had been the catchwords. Siebe Bakker, the dutch and irish cement & beton centrum as well as irish cement and G.tecz supported the workshop. Within the few days - the students generated amazing concrete objects ...


link: www.concretedesigncompetition.com


German link: http://www.concretedesigncompetition.de/wettbewerb-20132014/

Euromold - Pressportal Release

Pressemitteilung.ws is writing about the Euromold and G.tecz Engineering.


>> Website Link



Euromold - Pressebox Release

Pressebox.de is writing about the Euromold and G.tecz Engineering.


>> Website Link

Markt und Mittelstand - Press Release

The online magazine of Markt und Mittelstand published the news of the Euromold press conference. G.tecz is mentions as a high-light at the fair with innovative cement bonded materials for mold- and tool making. 


>> Link to Website



Excerpt Markt und Mittelstand, 03.07.2014; www.marktundmittelstand.de

Materialien für Werkzeug- und Formenbau

>> Werkstoffe sind zudem ein wichtiger Partner der Werkzeug- und Formenbauer. Schließlich hängt es von deren beschaffenheit ab, welches Werkzeug in frage kommt und welche Form angelegt wedren muss. Das ist bei Kunsstoffspritzguss, das fluides Material verwendet, anders als bei der Umformung von hochfestem Stahl. 
Hier will ein Unternehmen eine neuartige Technologie entwickelt haben, die als zementgebundener Werkstoff unter anderem neue Anwendungen beim Herstellen von Formen und im Maschinenbau ermöglichen soll. Dafür gibt es bereits erprobte Beispiele. Bei einer Produktentwicklung für Fassadenelemente ist es durch den Einsatz des neuen Materials im Werkzeug- und Formenbau mit dem Produktnamen Quantz gelungen, die Kosten für eine Form von 600 auf 35 Euro zu senken. 
Auch bei anderen traditionellen Verfahren mixt die neue Mixtur mit. „Die Materialmischung ersetzt Stahl“, sagt Gregor Zimmermann, Geschäftsführer der G.tecz Enineering Unternehmergesellschaft GmbH aus Kassel. So gelang durch den Ersatz mit dem neuen Material die Herstellung eines Industrieofens mit eindrucksvoller Isolierwirkung.

Im Inneren des Brennraums herrschen Temperaturen um 1.300 Grad Celsius und die Außenseite des Ofens mit 27 Zentimeter Wandstärke ist gerade mal handwarm. Zudem kann je nach Zusammensetzung der Rohstoffe das Material nicht nur sehr fest sondern auch flüssig etwa für einen Anstrich verwendet werden. <<


G.tecz Engineering was invited to the EUROMOLD PRESS CONFERENCE today (3rd of July). Since beginning of the Euromold fair 21 years ago, G.tecz is the first participant that will show concrete and cement bonded high-tech materials. At the fair in November of 2014, G.tecz will present the newest material technologies as well as tools and objects made of the high tech material.
Visit us at the Euromold 2014.

JIOS Aerogel - Development Service Partner

As official JIOS Development Service Partner, G.tecz is offering you services and consultancy to implement the JIOS Aerogel powder in your products and production lines. Based on your raw-materials and production processes, we will take care that your product will be economical and innovative.


>> JIOS DSP Service


Sustainability of Quantz

The advantages compared to concrete or polymer concrete lie on the one hand in the environment-friendliness and cost effectiveness of the material, on the other hand in the new constructive possibilities value creation chain which arises from these factors. The total costs i.e. from the raw material to product development, concrete formwork , series production etc. are, converted to the competitive products, the same or even lower with a higher degree of innovation and a bigger value creation chain at the same time.

Compared with other building materials, the energy consumption and carbon footprint of concrete and especially Quantz Technology (UHPC) is low.


>> Concrete vs. other building materials

UHPC facade

Detail 2014-5

Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt, Halle.


9mm thin UHPC facade elememts were produced for the Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt located in Halle, Germany; made from UHPC by G.tecz Engineering. Please find the article about the building in the latest DETAIL magazine.


> Detail

> AHM Architects, Berlin

Symposium Thermische Solarenergie

07. bis 09. Mai 2014
Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein


Meet us at the Symposium. TABSOLOR will be presented: flow through panels made of vacuum foarmed UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete).


> read more


Insulation Concrete

Insulation Concrete based on light weight agregates or foam agents or insulation aggregates are the upcoming topic in the building industry for the next years. G.tecz develped several industrial applicable concrete solutions with good insulation factors and mechanical properties.

As applied research partner for the industry, G.tecz will run for the horizon2020 projects together with international partners.


>> contact@gtecz.com

3D Print Concrete

A team of specialists from voxeljet, the university of Kassel and G.tecz developed the latest and worldwide unique 3D concrete printing technology. The system can print volumes of approx. 40cm by 40cm by 60cm or even larger in a high resolution. The printing material is based on a real concrete - no chemicals, no chemical binders - 100% concrete. Outcome is an amazing new material that allows millions of applications and new designs. 


>> read more

Concrete housing for charging station

funded by:

Entwicklung einer multifunktionalen Produktfamilie für eLadestationen



Elektromobilität wird zur alltäglichen Erscheinung: Immer mehr Elektrofahrräder sind auf deutschen Strassen und ab nächstem Jahr werden die ersten serientauglichen Elektroautos dazu kommen. Erst kürzlich präsentierte BMW sein erstes Elektroauto, den BMWi3 und auch VW kommt mit dem eUp. Der Massenmarkt für eFahrräder ist in voller Fahrt. Es werden z. Zt. pro Jahr mehr als 300.000 solcher Pedelecs in Deutschland verkauft, Tendenz steigend. Bei den Elektroautos wird es noch ein wenig dauern, der Massenmarkt wird ab 2017 erwartet. Für alle Elektrofahrzeuge, egal ob Fahrrad, Motorad oder Auto werden Ladestationen gebraucht, mit denen man die Fahrzeuge auch Laden kann. Viele Studien sehen die bisher noch unzureichende Infrastruktur als größtes Hemmnis für die schnelle Durchsetzung der eFahrzeuge. Dafür werden diskriminierungsfreie eLadestationen gesucht. Der Antragsteller hat bereits eLadestationen für ePKW und eFahrräder entwickelt. Als Ergebnis der unterschiedlichen Marktentwicklung wurde die Notwendigkeit identifiziert, diese beiden noch unabhängigen Produktstränge zu einer multifunktionalen Produktfamilie zusammen zu führen, um beide Märkte (ePKW und eFahrräder) bedienen zu können. Diese eLadestationen sind für die neuen Standards (Technologien) und für den Massenmarkt vom Design entwickelt worden und bieten aufgrund der Materialwahl eine einzigartige Ökobilanz. Sie folgen, ähnlich dem neuen Konzept von Volkswagen, einem modularen Aufbau. Damit bedienen die einzelnen Produktlinien die ganze Palette der Ladeinfrastruktur. Vom Pedelec bis zur ePKW-Schnellladestation, über die Ausrüstung von Parkdecks (kostengünstigste Einzelprodukte) bis zu Lösungen für Unternehmen und öffentliche Ladestationen, sind alle denkbaren Anwendungen vorhanden. Was fehlt, und was mit dem hier benannten Projekt erreicht werden soll, ist die Multifunktionalität, d.h. die Zusammenführung der bisher unabhängigen Produktlinien zu einer multifunktionalen und modularen Produktfamilie. Es handelt sich um eine Baustein-Strategie, die auf Änderungen der Marktentwicklung schnell und flexibel reagieren kann. Das Multifunktionsgehäuse folgt dabei dem modularen Aufbau der e-Ladestationen aus beiden Strängen, fügt nun aber beide so zusammen, dass EIN Gehäuse sowohl für eFahrräder, als auch für ePKW genutzt werden kann. Design und Material bleiben erhalten, werden aber an diese Multifunktion angepasst. Die Innovation liegt damit in der Verbindung beider Entwicklungsstränge, dass die Größe der Fahrradstation mit den technischen Anforderungen der Autostation verbunden wird. Das Projekt wird im Verbund mit G.tecz aus Kassel und der Hochschule Darmstadt durchgeführt.

Intertview - Elegance

6th concrete design competition - Elegance

Gregor Zimmermann - G.tecz - on 'Concrete & Production Innovations' in conversation with Siebe Bakker


G.tecz is on ROAD-SHOW - Meet us in DUBAI.

Mid December we are located in DUBAI City Center.
We are presenting our new materials and concrete technologies.

Feel free to contact us for an arrangement.


mail: contact arrangement



G.tecz is on ROAD-SHOW - Meet us in Israel.

Mid December we are located in Tel Aviv City Center.
We are presenting our new materials and concrete technologies.

Feel free to contact us for an arrangement.


mail: contact arrangement


G.tecz is on ROAD-SHOW - Meet us in BOGOTA, Columbia

Between the 03.11 and 09.11 2013 we are located in BOGOTA City Center.
We are presenting our new materials and concrete technologies. Feel free to contact us for an arrangement.


>> Contact

Ventilator housing

The Project Team
The Project Team

Concrete housings for ventilator systems - The research project with Hürner Funken is sucessfully finished and evaluated by the Hessen Argentur in Wiesbaden. The outstanding result is a very thin and light-weight concrete housing with advanatges for environmental influences, chemical influences, lifetime, installation and service. Compared to the original 'plastic' housing, a competitive technology was developed that now will be transfered into a series production.


G.tecz is on ROAD-SHOW - Meet us in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Between the 31.08 and 07.09 2013 we are located in Santo Domingo City Center. We are presenting our new materials and concrete technologies. Feel free to contact us for an arrangement.


>> Contact


G.tecz offers you REM & EDX analysis of your materials, specimens or objects. The electron microscope is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system.


>> Read more ...


OFROOM INNOVATIONS AGENTUR by Christine Bärnthaler published the new material bool as ibook. it's available in apples iTUNES store. www.ofroom.at 


Link: ibook 2013


G.tecz Engineering launched the new website www.gtecz-engineering.com

Extreme Concrete Book

A new book about UHPC case-study bridges in the Netherlands is published by the CementBeton Centrum. G.tecz was involved as consultancy for UHPC and finally ROMEIN BETON realized the goosebrug in Utrecht.




New BYO Workshop Schedule 2013



>> read more

UHPC Gooisebrug wins European Concrete Award with UHPC by G.tecz

The UHPC Gooisebrug in Utrecht, produced by ROMEIN BETON with a G.tecz UHPC, wins the European Concrete Award 2012.

>> read more

New Zealand

G.tecz down under - Mr. Khrapko is representing G.tecz in New Zealand. He is supporting you regarding all questions of concrete and naturally with the newest G.tecz developments like Quantz, blueCONCRETE, UHPC, HPC, ...




Workshop from Sun 26  to Sat 01 of September. Dr. Zimmermann from G.tecz is invited as guest critics.
For more information see the concretedesigncompetition website.



ELEMENTE MaterialForum and G.tecz will have a CONCRETE & LIGHT Workshop in Berlin parallel to the exhibition - LICHT IN NEUER DIMENSION 

23. February - 10:00 am, Berlin

>> Workshop

Quantz-Lamp by Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung

Kassel, 22.11.2011 - Galerie auf Zeit

The two designers Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung created a fantastic lamp made of a special developed Quantz. The fantastic combination of the lamp in context to the ceramic like material is outstanding.


photos: © Minu Lee

G.tecz article on Quantz and blueCONCRETE in the actual BFT magazine

>> Download the BFT G.tecz article

New Products by Doreen Westphal at the 100% Design in London


G.tecz is laureate of the HESSIAN FOUNDER AWARD 2011

2011/09/22 Baunatal, Germany

G.tecz is laureate of the HESSIAN FOUNDER AWARD 2011 in the category 'INNOVATIVE BUSINESS IDEA'. The award was handed by the Ministry of commerce, transport and development of the State of Hesse.

Doreen Westphal at the 100% Design London with Quantz products

100% Design London | 22-25 september as part of Tuttobene | Aubin Gallery, 64-66 Redchurchstreet, E2 7DP London

THREE STEPS to your individual high-tech concrete

G.tecz uses special developed and unique mathematic algorithms to optimize and develop cement bonded high-tech materials, combined with long lasting experience among more than 120 projects worldwide - leading you to a more than state of the art concrete technology - Your individual, economical and ecological blueCONCRETE or Quantz. G.tecz will develope these superlatives for you within three steps: ALFA, BETA und Version One. 

> Just ship a small amount of raw-materials
> Rough analysis of materials, data and prospect


ALFA - is the first step into the development of a high-tech cement bonded material with your local raw-materials and your local facilities. Just send us a small amount of your raw-materials, some information about your facilities, production-line as well as requested material properties - within this first FREE step, we will evaluate the data and materials to give you a perspective regarding potential of development, mechanical properties, savings and potential financial benefit.



>> Hessian Founder-Award 2011

G.tecz is nominated for the HESSIAN FOUNDER-REWARD 2011

G.tecz is nominated for the HESSIAN FOUNDER-REWARD 2011. About 85 candidates applied; G.tecz is in the final presentation round and will present the unique business model and material technology to the interdisciplinary jury.

UK/CoD is the first U.S. entry in the International Concrete Design Competition for Students

University of Lexington, Kentucky

The UK/CoD is planning a travel studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands this fall. The studio will be organized around the 5th International Concrete Design Competition for Students, a bi-annual competition that promotes innovative uses for concrete. This year’s competition theme is “Energy,” and the competition will focus on concrete and its potential for design applications that reduce energy consumption.

Each student in the travel studio will produce a competition entry for their final project . Two winners from the studio will be selected and invited, along with laureates from five European partners, to participate in a workshop in Rotterdam in late August 2012.

The International Concrete Design Competition for Students is a biennial ideas and design competition for students in architecture, engineering, design and affiliated disciplines. It is organized and funded by a consortium of European cement and concrete associations. The aim of the competition is to promote innovative use of concrete as a material and technology. Students are invited to push a material’s potential to 'realize' ideas. The choice of a design topic or program is open and can range from building details to large structures, landscape projects or building complexes.

Siebe Bakker, architect, founder and director of bureaubakker, a firm that facilitates cross-disciplinary exchanges between various industries and educational institutions, will teach the fall travel studio. Gregor Zimmerman, CEO of Gtecz, Kassel, Germany; Erick Carcamo, founder of x/atelier, New York, NY; and Ad van der Kouwe of Manifesta, Rotterdam will provide additional instruction in materials, software and graphic design.

The studio will begin in Lexington with a one-week workshop 12-17 September. Siebe Bakker and Gregor Zimmerman will conduct this workshop, which will focus on ultra high performance concrete. Students will arrive in Rotterdam no later than 3 October and the studio will begin there on 6 October. The studio will conclude in Rotterdam with a final review of work on 25 November.

If you are interested in registering for this travel studio please contact the UK/CoD Student Services office to register 257-7623 or email codstudentservices@uky.edu.

>> Link to the COMPETITION


BlingCrete is winner of the DESIGNplus award

23.05 2011 - Kassel

The material combination of reflecting pearls and concrete, based on an idea of Prof. Klussmann and developed in a ZIM resarch project with the university of Kassel, Hering Bau and G.tecz wins the DESIGNplus award at the Material Vision fair 2011.

Please visit the exhibition stand of BlingCrete and also the G.tecz stand Halle 4.1 L32 to see and feel the retro reflecting material.

The next BYO workshop is at the 6th of may 2011.

BEATRICE NEWMAN - Fashion Designer developed ear-rings made of Quantz

29.03.2011 London

Beatrice Newman, the shooting fashion designer from london is known for hear breath-taking designs. Her newest innovation are ear-rings, made of the G.tecz material Quantz. We are proud to present her brand new designs:


>> Beatrice Newman - Online Video

QUANTZ published in indian coffe-table book

>> Indian Architect & Builder (IA&B) magazine is one of the premier publications on architecture and design in India. Over the last 24 years in publication, we have evolved to cater to the changing information needs of the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Our 3,00,000 readership comprises professionals, academicians and students from around India and neighbouring countries. Also a widely read publication in other Asian countries, Indian Architect & Builder aims to offer our readers a comprehensive update on design trends along with critique on related issues.  
Innovation in material application and breakthroughs in construction techniques are highpoints that signify the curiosity and progression in a design culture. <<


fig.: Concrete Lace by Doreen Westphal

ARCHELLO - QUANTZ is material of the week

Kassel, 25. Feb 2011



Slovenska Representative

Soon, the services and developments of G.tecz will be represented by our new Agent in Slovenska.
Cement bonded High-Tech materials, based on local raw materials, will be available soon.

APLIKÁCIA Quantz: stavby, mosty, ces- ty , steny, podlahy, stropy, tunely, pre- cast segment, po-
dlahové krytiny, fasády (ložisko ale- bo závesom), výrob- ky z pohľadového
betónu, interiérový dizajn, stolový riad, hygie- nické panely a doplnky, obklady, dlaždičky, základy strojov, konštrukčné prvky a bezpeč- nostný priemysel, ...

DESIGN: > Všetky typy farieb - aj snehovo-biela a čierna > Od veľmi drsného po vysoko lesklý povrch betónu tzv. samočistiaci efekt > Žiadne ďalšie nátery - nepotrebné > Bez obmedzenia pre formy a tvary > Jednotka hrúbky od 2 mm do metrov

>>> mail: nanotrading@nanotrading.sk


Csütörtök, 2011. január 27. 13:33

Egyre több bizonyítékot láthatunk arra, hogy a csúfnak bélyegzett beton valójában olyan jolly joker, amellyel a dekorációk terén is számolni kell.
Érdekes, hogy a finomságáról híres csipke egyre több tervező fantáziáját mozgatja meg, mi is bemutattuk már a fémből készült holland csipkekerítést és jó pár csipkés bútort is, de eddig a beton és a csipke összeboronálása tűnik a legextrémebbnek.
Ott persze még nem tartunk, hogy a „könnyed, mint a beton” hasonlat gyakori szófordulattá váljon, de az anyag egyértelműen kitört a jellemzően építőipari felhasználás skatulyájából. Kiváló példa erre többek között a magyar Ivanka stúdió, amelynek betonbútorai világszerte is egyre ismertebbek, és most beállhat a sorba betoncsipkéjével a német Doreen Westphal is.

A betoncsipke különleges alapanyagát, az úgynevezett ultra nagy teljesítőképességű betont (ultra high performance concrete) a G.tecz gyártja, a finom formák aztán különböző variációkban 1mm-es acélkábelre, vagy más huzalokra és szalagokra kerülnek. Gyakorlatilag bármekkora felület létrejöhet így, hogy térelválasztóként, függönyként, dekorációként használják lakóterekben és közösségi helyeken is, például szállodákban, éttermekben vagy parkokban.

A végeredmény tartósabb a csipkénél és karakteresebb a műanyagnál – mindenképpen érdekes ötlet.

>> http://www.lakaskultura.hu/hirek/betoncsipke-43088.html

Bau 2011: White UHPC staircase from Dyckerhoff

Dyckerhoff AG presents a staircase, made of a 3cm thick white UHPC stair and 2 just glued glass panels. 
G.tecz developed together with Luis Ocanto-Arciniegas - Ourstudio, design and structure of the staircase, calculated and optimized with FEM the sections >> A real pure structure.

>> Link: Architekturzeitung.eu

>> Link - Google Translation: Architecture Magazine

Register for the next BYO workshop

22nd Sept. 2010, Kassel

The success of our BYO workshop is amazing. Every 3 months, we are offering this workshop for all parties that are interested in the Quantz-Technology. Please register for the next Workshop: 10. December 2010.

>>> BYO workshop


July, 2010 - Kassel & SOUTH KOREA

Soon, the services and developments of G.tecz will be represented by our new Agent in SOUTH KOREA.
Cement bonded High-Tech materials, based on local raw materials, will be available soon.

>> Interested? Please contact us: contact@gtecz.com


July 2010, Kassel & Australia

Soon, the services and developments of G.tecz will be represented by our new Agent in AUSTRALIA.
Cement bonded High-Tech materials, based on local raw materials, will be available soon.

>> Interested? Please contact us: contact@gtecz.com

Doreen Westphals NEW Online-SHOP & Quantz

Doreen Westphal, the famous Designer from Amsterdam & Eindhoven opened her new ONLINE SHOP. Next to her beautiful bags and accessories, the new QUANTZ products are available.

>> Link to ONLINE SHOP

Doreen Westphal Design B.V.
Pioenroosstraat 83, 5644 CB Eindhoven; NL 
m: +31 62424 0989

UHPC for a bridge construction  in The Netherlands

06.05.2010 Kassel

>> Ultra-hogesterktebeton (uhsb) is een innovatieve betontechniek voor slank en duurzaam bouwen. De techniek is beproefd in brugprojecten in Duitsland, Frankrijk en Korea. Nederlandse bouwpartijen aarzelen nog, vanwege de hogere kosten en het ontbreken van regelgeving. Om de aarzeling te overwinnen, heeft het Cement&BetonCentrum initiatief genomen voor uhsb-casestudies. <<

>> read more ...

twitter G.tecz

>> G.tecz twitter link

JEROME MAGAZINE - Reporting about UNH and G.tecz

04. May 2010

Jerome, a magazin located in Kassel is actually reporting about the support of the UNH (Business Trade Association in North Hessen) on the Inkubator, that is located at the University of Kassel. The Inkubator is an institution that supports spin-offs of the University of Kassel.

G.tecz, that was a kind of spin-off of the university, is also member in the UNH and talked with the editor about their success in founding a company. ...

>> read more (German) ...

>> UNH Link

Concrete Design Competition 2010 - Kassel Students made it

26. April 2010

Two students from the architecture faculty of the University of Kassel, Ljuba Tascheva und Boris Koch made it. The students were members of the last years project 'ConcreteAdvanced' held by Thomas Teichmann and Gregor Zimmermann. 

Congratulations to the winners.

Upcoming: The Students of the projects and G.tecz are preparing a book, that will contain all the Kassel-projects. Please stay tuned.

G.tecz - UHPC for the museum MUZKKKA in Rotenburg / Germany

26. April 2010

The museum MUZKKKA, located in Rotenburg, gets a new outbuilding. The project team - Principal Rotenburg, Dietz Architects, Bollinger and Grohmann and G.tecz - are developing a holisitc solution. Architecture, construction and material are well optimized and are building a 'unit'. The material, that will be used for the building, is a UHPC based on the Quantz-technology by G.tecz - A special cast-in-place UHPC.

>> Dietz Architects

>> Bollinger & Grohmann

>> Rotenburg

>> G.tecz

UMAS Ltd. is representing G.tecz in Turkey

March 2010 - Kassel, Germany - Istanbul, Turkey

In cooperation with UMAS Ltd., G.tecz established a representation in Istanbul. Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Roesner is structural engineer, educated at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and is domiciled in Istanbul since six years. Mr. Roesner is familiar with the Turkish construction industry and your contact person Turkey.

>> mail: umas@gtecz.com

Reflective Concrete - BlingCrete

03.2010 Kassel, Germany

Reflecting concrete, named BlingCrete by the developers, is a development of the research group - Hering Bau, University of Kassel - Prof. Klussmann and G.tecz. It's an especially by G.tecz developed Ultra High Performance Concrete that includes glass elements. By the architectural and design optimized arrangement of those glass-elements, the material is reflecting under direct illumination. The material applications can be architectural  tunnel- or facade elements up to guidance systems for pedestrians.  
The research-project is promoted by the German Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand: Design Development by Prof. Klussmann; Material Development by G.tecz; Production technology and application by Hering Bau. 

UHSB BRIDGE CASESTUDY started in The Netherlands

20.02.2010 - Cement&BetonCentrum - s'Hertogenbosch

The first UHPC Bridge Casestudy started in The Netherlands. The project is initiated by the Cement&BetonCentrum and supports the innovative development of UHPC structures and buildings. G.tecz takes the leadership role in developing the UHPC:

De vorig jaar aangekondigde casestudies voor Ultra-Hoge-Sterkte-Beton beginnen nu concrete vorm aan te nemen. De eerste case die wordt uitgewerkt door een integraal ontwerpteam betreft de helixvormige op- en afritten van de te bouwen fietsbrug over het Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal bij Nigtevecht. De brug met een overspanning van 120 meter gaat uitgevoerd worden met een stalen boog en een kunststofcomposiet brugdek.
Het ontwerp van de brug is gericht op duurzaamheid. De helixvormige opgangen verkleinen de landschappelijke 'footprint' en spelen in op specifieke criteria voor duurzaam inkopen van kunstwerken. UHSB lijkt aan alle eisen van ontwerp, gebruik en beheer tegemoet te komen.

Het initiatief voor UHSB-casestudies komt van het Cement&BetonCentrum, ter bevordering van de toepassing van deze innovoatieve betontechniek in de Nederlandse infrastructuur. Er is een pool gevormd van architecten- en ingenieursbureaus, bouwbedrijven en toeleveranciers die willen pionieren met UHSB. Uit deze pool worden teams gevormd voor integraal ontwerp. De aanvankelijke opzet om een viertal teams tegelijkertijd te laten werken aan diverse cases is verlaten. Het blijkt bijzonder lastig om geschikte cases te vinden die in tijd en fase gelijk lopen. Het uitwisselen van waardevolle leerervaringen zal nu minder snel verlopen.
Voor de eerste casestudy is een team gevormd van Romein Beton, Haskoning, Gtecz en De la Rive Box. Deze laatste is de initiator en ontwerper van de brug. Haskoning maakt het constructief ontwerp; Romein Beton doet de detail engineering en productievoorbereiding. Het Duitse bedrijf Gtecz verzorgt voor de betontechnologische adviezen. 

De keuze voor UHSB in dit brugproject is vooral ingegeven door de wens tot slanke constructies op een minimaal grondvlak. De transparantie van het bouwwerk moet een minimale inbreuk op het landschap verzekeren. Het idee voor een helix is onder andere voorgelegd aan de Fietsersbond, die enthousiast was over comfort en veiligheid. Ook voor veel andere fietsbrugprojecten zou de helix een goede optie zijn.
Het ontwerp zal leiden tot inzicht in de economische haalbaarheid van UHSB, alsook de voordelen op het gebied van duurzaam bouwen. De doorlooptijd van deze casestudy is een half jaar. Het Cement&BetonCentrum verwacht later dit voorjaar met een tweede casestudy te kunnen starten.


Beton- und Stahbetonbau Magazine - developments in ultra high performance concrete

Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, a German construction and building magazine, is writing about the newest G.tecz technologies. Topics are the development of sustainable UHPCs. For example - it's possible to use local raw materials, to reduce the silca content and to design a UHPC with a phenomenal slump result, a high compressive strength and flexural strength of about 24 MPa without fibres.

December SPECIAL 2009

> concrete optimization
> scc optimization
> blueCONCRETE optimization

>> starting 4.500,00 Euro


>> DOWNLOAD: Flyer


Dez 2009 - Kassel, G.tecz

You can now order the by Manuela Greipel and PROFORMA designed QUANTZ letters or slogans.
The letters and slogans will be individually produced regarding your 'text' ideas and are coming with an design and installation concept.

Please contact:

>> manuela greipel

>> proforma kassel

CONCRETE LACE by Doreen Westphal

Nov 2009 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This material, designed by Doreen Westphal, is made from Quantz (developed by G.Tecz) and different suspensions. The suspensions are cast inside the lace-shaped concrete tiles.

Gauzes for hotels, auditoriums and public buildings, window treatment or room dividers for private homes, decorative interior and exterior wall coverings, visual dividers for large spaces like restaurants, parking garages or urban gardens.

Standard size is 320cm in Height/ and 75cm in Width. But Concrete Lace is also available in any custom size, application or atmosphere.

>> material.nl

Hotel Artemis Amsterdam

Concrete Design Competition - Valerio Olgiati

Valerio Olgiati in conversation with Siebe Bakker, part 1 on 'one idea'. 4th Concrete Design Comeptition - MONOLITHIC, exploring versatility

Coming soon - Siebe Bakker interviewing G.tecz

>> Valerio Olgiati


STYLEPARK, the international design-plattform published a new category - CONCRETE. G.tecz is showing the new material Quantz.


>> Newsletter

Concrete Advanced - Project WS09/10

October 2009 - University of Kassel, Germany

Monolithic - That's the topic of the new ConcreteDesignCompetition in 2009 and topic of the lectureship of Dr. Thomas Teichmann and Dr. Gregor Zimmermann during the winter-semester 09/10. Next to advanced concrete technologies and design studies, the students will build 1:1 prototypes of their ideas for the competition.

>> www.concretedesigncompetition.de

BETONART - Ultra Yüksek Performasli Beton

July 2009 - Article BETONART by F-U-R and G.tecz

betonum ince duvarli ve karmasik formlarda üretilmesi icin yapilan deneylerden biri de F-U-R ve G.tecz firmalainin ortaklginda yürütüldü ve Utrect'te Materialexoperience Fuari'nda sergilendi. "Barbeton" ismini verdileri bankoda tasarimcilar, Ultra Yüksek Performasli Beton (UHPC -Ultra High Performance Concrete) kullaniyorlar ve böylece yüksek akiskanlik, celikle kiyaslanabilecek bir dayaniklilik ve yüzey kalitesinde seramik benzeri pürüzsüslük elde ediliyor.

CONCRETE - ADVANCED  >  LECTURES at the University of Kassel

winter semester - University of Kassel, Faculty of Architecture, Lectures

Thomas Teichmann and Gregor Zimmermann will lecture at the architecture faculty in Kassel, winter semester 2009. Topics will be 'old' and new technologies in concrete design but also tips n tricks, applications and facing concrete. Another focus are experiments. The class will use new prototyping technologies at the University to produce moulds that will be casted in the G.tecz laboratories. The experiments are a preparation for the 4th concrete design competition, starting september 2009.


28.05.2009 - IBA and ARCH+ WORKSHOP for the IBA 2013, Hamburg

More than 60 architects, engineers, scientists and designers meet to discuss together with the IBA organization and the magazine ARCH+ about smart materials and their possibilities and advantages for the building industry. 

One of those new smart materials is UHPC: High performance with high-tech methods, produced with local raw-materials, extremely durable and sustainable. 56% raw-materials and 30% energy could by saved by using UHPC for constructions. This comes with a CO2 reduction up to 32%. The G.tecz-UHPC is the new outstanding material for sustainable constructions, facades and design-objects.

concrete lace by Doreen Westphal

22-27. April 09 - Milan

Doreen Westphal, a famous designer from Amsterdam, is presenting a collection of fine design pieces made of QUANTZ - the brand new cement-bonded high-tech material from G.tecz.

Previous News

3 - 6 Feb. 2009 - Las Vegas
Meet us during the WORLD OF CONCRETE in Las Vegas. Interested in details? Please contact us for scheduling.
mail: contact@gtecz.com

19. Nov. 2008 - 20:00 - 24:00 p.m. - NAi Rotterdam
G.tecz is speaker at the night of concrete in Rotterdam. Topic: Architectural innovations coming from UHPC.
Further speakers are: Joop Paul (ARUP), Manfred Grohmann (Bollinger und Grohmann), Maurice Nio (Nio architects) ...

Topic 'Spin-off'
06. June 2008 - 9:00 am - University of Göttingen, Germany
As part of a lecture, G.tecz is referring about the topic: spin-off of an university.

"LEISTUNG LOHNT SICH" - IHK panel discussion
20. März 2008 - 17.00Uhr - Ort: IHK Hauptverwaltung Kassel, Kurfürstenstraße 9, 34117 Kassel
IHK Kassel organized a panel discussion with the topic: Performance is worthwhile itself. Invited are Caroline Paar Kauffrau, Karoline Beck, Sven Fischer as well as Thomas Teichmann und Gregor Zimmermann.

5. -7. März 2008 - Kassel
Membrane concrete grid shells are based on pneumatic formwork and were a research topic at the dept. structural design at the architecture faculty kassel. Gregor Zimmermann will present this new construction method at the SECOND UHPC SYMPOSIUM Kassel.

10. Jan. 2008 - Städelschule Frankfurt
DESIGNED MATERIALITY - Lectures at the Städelschule ARCHITECTURE CLASS in Frankfurt. One lecture in january will be held by Gregor Zimmermann: MATERIALITY - GEOMETRY.
Staedelschule Frankfurt