OUR Services

G.tecz Engineering offers experienced and comprehensive know how and advisory for a wide range of concrete technologies, machinery technologies as well as concrete business needs. We can help you to innovate, work smarter and reach your goals. You are invited to look at the professional services.

Concrete development & optimization

Latest concrete technologies will be used to optimize your existing concrete solutions - workability, strength, costs, sustainability... Tailored modern materials like UHPC, HPC, Light weight concrete or 3D Printer concrete will enhance your portfolio.

facility optimization and planning

Production improvements of up to 25% by concrete quality improvements, production line optimization or education of human resources are possible. Simple steps will lead to higher efficiency.

machine development and installation

Innovation, material, production lines and production process are going hand in hand. We know the material and so develop tailored machines for your product and business.

complete business solutions

Holistic solutions for you business - that's what we can offer you. Advisory from A-Z while development of materials, machines, production lines and even business case studies.


Experience and foresight are required to achieve your objectives. Make the best decisions to move your business forward with trust and confidence.

Science & Laboratory

Keeping track with the lastest concrete technologies is essential. We do offer you our laboratory services to check your products and advise improvements.


It's all about concrete and it's raw-materials. It's more than a gray stone - innovations do lead to new applications, products and business.

business development

No matter if you own a family business, a large production facility or you are an entrepreneur. We advise you strategies and thus value and trust.