G.tecz offers you special services regarding cement bonded Materials. Our team is interdisciplinary and consists of material specialists, structural engineers and laboratory experts. Our focus is the development and optimization of standard concrete, consultancy and employee training, development of sustainable blueCONCRETE or UHPC.

With this, we are offering services like structure optimization, formwork design, optimization or even set-up of production processes or development of production lines. We are offering our services worldwide:


> Raw Material Analysis

> REM and EDX Analysis

> Concrete Optimization
> Concrete Development
> Material Testing
> Production Process Optimization
> Structure- and Design Optimization
> Mixer Technology
> Production Plant Development
> Comprehensive al-round packages


>> Laboratory SERVICE

Architects & Designer

> Project consultancy

> Material consultancy
> Design & shape development
> Structure design & optimization

> Mold development & optimization
> Mock-ups, prototypes, tests
> R&D partner
> BYO (Bring Your Own) workshops


>> A&D Consultancy
>> BYO Workshop