Our technologies are industry suited and can be applied directly...

Cement Bonded High-Tech

blueCONCRETE - the cement reduction technology

fastHARDENING - fast hardening concrete for replacement                of polymer-concrete.

3mm Quantz coating - the ultra thin concrete layer for wallpaper, furniture and design objects.

Light-Weight & Insulation

Foam Concrete - the fast hardening and stable foam concrete with a high insulation factor.

LightWeight Concrete - the high load bearing and insulation material

Aerogel Concrete - the high insulation material with a high load bearing strength.

Fast Production

Fast Hardening Concrete - material developed for street construction and repair of concrete highways or runways.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels - economical high strength light weight concrete for usage as sound barrier.


AquaPERM - high strength drainage concrete developed for roads, walkways, parking areas ...




... and much more. Please contact us for individual information.