Concrete Innovators: Transforming Possibilities

We're Your Off-Site Hub of Concrete Expertise. And by the way, did we mention? We provide superior concrete solutions, with increased efficiency and impact, all while optimizing your costs.

As your dedicated concrete team, we elevate your industry insights, provide top-tier solutions, and streamline your entire project journey. From initiation to completion, we've got you covered.


  • Pre-fab companies
  • Ready-mix producers
  • Real estate developers and producers
  • Entrepreneurs in concrete business
  • Visionaries and innovative companies, dreaming of concrete at the edge of the known.


  • Optimization of concrete
  • Concrete Development C.. up to UHPC, Light Weight
  • Recycling Concrete > LOW CO2 solutions
  • Consultancy on raw-materials
  • Consultancy on concrete and production facilities
  • Strategy development for setup of production facilities
  • Solving Research and Development Challenges.

Our Solutions

  • Quality improvement of concretes - value instead of volume
  • Improvement of workability
  • Substitution of raw materials (e.g. fly ash, cement,....)
  • Cement reduction
  • Reduction of cracks
  • Reduction of scrap
  • Cost reduction for concrete and in production
  • CO2 reduction through optimization and use of local raw materials
  • Individual formulation, tailor-made for application, product and existing production plant
  • Concrete know-how stays in your company
  • C15 - UHPC, infralight concrete, drain concrete, 3D printed concrete, .... We keep you up to date.

Recycling Concrete > 70%

We are excited to announce that we have developed recycled concrete with a recycled content of over 70%! 🌿♻️ 

But that's not all - we see even more potential! By using concrete chippings smaller than 0.5 mm and using alternative binders, we can continue to reduce the need for cement without compromising quality.The CO2 balance of a concrete can be drastically reduced. 


We support you in the development of RC concretes according to DIN 1045 and beyond.


Let's work together on sustainable solutions and create an environmentally friendly future. 


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