Feasibility study to factory layout


The development of the basics for entering the production of precast concrete elements are the basis of your success. A concept feasibility study is used to develop initial estimates. It is examined which production system is suitable for your projects, to which conditions it is bound, how high the investment costs are for a complete factory and also the return on investment is determined.

A feasibility study provides a sound basis for future investments. The study should be the basis for discussions with banks for financing as well as for appointments with authorities. The following concepts are developed:


- Feasibility study

- production development

- Investment costs and profitability calculation

- personnel planning

- factory layout


Support for plant purchase


Machine manufacturers for facades precast concrete plants or manufacturers of climatic chambers and finishing stations usually have different concepts and usually do not fit to each other. Our engineers evaluate the technologies and develop concepts for combining the systems to enable automation. We make offers technically comparable and work out a solution.


- Factory layout

- Specification of parameters to be tendered

- Coordination of tender

- Examination of the offers

- Assessment, consulting and negotiation of contracts


Implementation and acceptance


As the central point of contact, we develop the concept for the production setup and advise on the coordination of all companies involved.


- schedule coordination

- Consulting and supervision of assembly and infrastructure

- Commissioning of the plant


Production support, production data & logistics


We support you in the timely execution of the planning of the production plant:


- Consulting Logistics Purchasing

- Production preparation and start of production

- On-site production support with qualified personnel

- Training of personnel through workshops

- Consulting for the implementation of QM (quality management)


Success with Innovative Concrete Technologies


We develop innovations that revolutionize the precast concrete product, the production process and the buildings. Such innovations give our customers advantages in the market and in competition.


- Individual HPC / UHPC facade concrete development

- Individual lightweight concrete facade concrete development


We support you in the production of thin UHPC facades.


In addition to the concrete itself, the façade substructures, anchors and reinforcement systems play a decisive role. We do not only focus on the production but also on the approval of your panels and accompany you in this process.


Consulting for:


- the product development for facade elements

- concrete facade variants or designs

- Anchor and suspension systems

- reinforcement systems

- approvals

- marketing

impressions / client projects