Facility development

G.tecz Engineering offers  complete services for the development of a production line - for UHPC (Ultra High performance Concrete) facade panels. Starting from concept drawings, production facilities, mixing units ... till services while setup of the facilities - worldwide.


For interested parties that already do have a production line for concrete panels, we do offer upgrade solutions for the production of UHPC facade panels.


Or - Do you need a complete turnkey solution? No problem - we can offer you affordable production line systems.

UHPC development

Based on local raw-materials, G.tecz will develop a tailored UHPC for facade production that fits to your production line as well as economic aspects.


By using your own tailored UHPC solution, you can save up to 300% compared to pre-mix solutions that are offered at the market.


With the material development, we already integrate the reinforcement system for the panels and consult you on fixing and substructure solutions.




We don't leave you alone. G.tecz Engineering is seeking for longterm partnerships and thus we do understand our services.


Services like Quality Control, UHPC formulation updates, lectures and much more will keep you up to date.


Your Contact:
Dr. Ing. Gregor Zimmermann

phone: +49 561 579 83990