04 / Material & Product Analysis

Investigation, Examination of Raw Materials, products and expert Reports

We analyse and test your raw materials for the purpose of material determination, characterisation of properties and independent quality controls. Based on evaluations, we advise you in the selection of your raw materials.

In addition, we offer you independent testing of your concretes or test specimens. We test cubes, beams, prisms or facade panels with our compression and bending tractors.

Our instruments and machines are regularly maintained and checked. Our tests and results provide you with a fast, cost-effective and independent alternative to testing institutes or universities.

Your Contact: Dr. Ing. Thomas Teichmann

phone: +49 561 578 83990



Investigation and examination of raw-materials, concrete or other material surfaces as well as chemical analysis of those - we do offer you our individual service.


Analysis and examination of concrete or other material surfaces.