As a research and development company, we offer you industrial innovation development from A to Z. We think CROSS and develop new, innovative materials, products, production or manufacturing systems for your company. We break rules to release new creativity to implement innovative, economical and future-oriented technologies in a targeted way - step by step.


- Research & Feasibility Studies

- Design thinking workshops / innovation workshops

- Innovative product development

- Concept development for production plants

- Strategy development for future technologies

- Implementation of mock-ups and prototypes

- Technology transfer

- Development for series production


German or international funding programs are interesting for SME companies to receive support in the development of products and technologies. These financings will lead to unique solutions and will help to increase the value of the product and the company as well as to increase the production volume. G.tecz offers consulting and application services.


- Consulting for national or international funding


- Preparation of applications

- project coordination

- research partner

impressions / client projects