Embracing Innovation: Perspective on Investing in Times of Economic Uncertainty
In times of economic downturn, many companies tend to adopt a conservative approach, tightening budgets and deferring investments in innovation. However, the visionary perspective challenges conventional wisdom, advocating for boldness and forward-thinking even in the face of adversity.

>> Embark on a journey through the evolving landscape of concrete technology. The latest developments in 3D concrete printing and its challenges will be shown as well as the AI-controlled optimization of concrete mix designs from normal concrete to ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) based on raw material parameters. In combination with this, the future role of AI-controlled in-process quality control with sensor systems and prediction of concrete quality. This trifecta of innovations demonst

#GeopolymerConcrete - G.tecz Engineering GmbH specializes in innovative solutions for concrete and binders tailored to meet customer requirements. Through extensive research and development, G.tecz has pioneered ultrahigh-strength geopolymer blends that offer superior mechanical properties and environmental benefits compared to traditional cement-based materials. By utilizing alternative binders such as blast furnace slag, silica dust, fly ash, and metakaolin, G.tecz reduces #CO2 emissions and...
BBQ BetonBauQualitäten nach DIN 1045
Die neue Normengeneration der DIN 1045, bestehend aus Teil 1000 und den Teilen 1 bis 4, soll die aktuellen Regelungen im Betonbau ersetzen. Der Gelbruck-Entwurf wurde im Juli 2022 veröffentlicht. 2024 sollen diese neuen Regelungen in Kraft treten. Hintergrund für die neue, übergreifende Norm ist die Tatsache, dass es bisweilen kaum eine Abstimmung bzw. übergreifende Parameter zwischen den einzelnen Regelungen gab. Das Hauptziel dieser Normengeneration ist die Sicherstellung der Qualität im Beto

We are happy to share the success of #Tabsolar at #BAU2023 in Munich! As part of the team, we are proud to be involved in the development of Tabsolar, an innovative solution for the solar energy industry.

Ab Mai 23 bietet Ihnen G.tecz unsere VMPA Serviceleistungen zur Prüfung Ihrer Rohstoffe, Flüssigbeton und Festbetoneigenschaften in Kassel an.
BAUMA MUNICH, HALLE C - STAND 404/2 Visit our partner company CONCRETE ROBOTICS GmbH at the BAUMA FAIR in Munich. 24.10 - 28.10.2022 We are looking forward to meet you there.

28 students from 5 countries, 4 tutors and the complete G.tecz team. 1 week masterclass workshop in our lab in Kassel: UHPC, shotcrete, 3D printed concrete and extruded concrete. The students were able to try all the technologies and implement their own ideas. ! Week of experiments, innovation and fun. We would like to thank the organizer Siebe Bakker and the Concrete Information Center, the students and our G.tecz team.

26.08.2022 - 6:00PM, Stadthalle Kassel, Germany VDZ (Vereins Deutscher Zement-Fabrikanten), with support of G.tecz is presenting the NIGHT OF CONCRETE. Impulse talks about concrete and the future of the material for architects, engineers and construction industry. A discussion panel will discuss with the audience about the talks and their visions.

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