Material and Product INNOVATION - As applied Research and Development company we are offering you innovation development from A to Z including participation in  industry related or public funded reseach projects. G.tecz accompanies your company within an all-inclusive product and strategy development: 


- INNOVATION & Product Development

- Production Line Development

- Certification and Testing Process

- Strategy and Business Development



FUNDING - German or international funding programs are interesting for companies to get support in the development of products and technologies. These fundings will lead to unique solutions and help to increase the value of the product and company as well as increase the volume in production. G.tecz offers you consultancy and application for funds.


- Consultancy for national or international subsidies

- AiF, ZIM, LÖWE, NYSERDA, .......

- Preparation of applications

- Project coordination


BASIC RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - As Research and Development company we are offering you an industrial based basic research from A to Z. The cooperation research projects are industry driven and usually funded. G.tecz accompanies you within an all-inclusive applied research, product and strategy development: 


- Application writing and Consultancy

- Innovative Product Development

- Research and Development strategies

- Certification and Testing Process