next generation of pre-fab production lines and concrete SANDWICH

In 2013 G.tecz Engineering developed the HYBRID WALL ELEMENT, a sandwich of UHPC layers and a light weight foam concrete in-between. With it comes a fast and effective wet in wet production line for the realization of huge volumes. The line is modular and also mobile - thus made for easy and simple productions all over the world.

Hybrid Wall

The hybrid concrete wall is a sandwich of High Performance or Ultra High Performance concrete layers and a core made of infra light weight concrete with insulation properties - produced in an endless extortion process and it's monolithic.

  • Hybrid concrete wall element
  • Fairface concrete
  • Insulation properties
  • Colors possible
  • thickness up to 40cm
  • Tailored sizes possible
  • Load bearing elements
  • Category: Masonry
  • 90% Local raw-materials used
  • 100% recycling possible
  • No traditional concrete pre-fab element!
  • No primary construction (steel, concrete, ...) required.

Production Line

G.tecz developed an unique machine that extrudes the hybrid wall panels in one process - endless. The compact and robust machine is modular and can be setup very fast in any region of this world.

  • Compact and robust machine
  • High production speed
  • Plug-and-Produce technology
  • Modular, fast installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Less production space required

ONE Solution

We do offer you the complete solution for your production line worldwide. Our services do include the material development, consultancy and setup of production line and even planing of low-cost or affordable houses. We take care from A-Z.

  • Service from A-Z
  • CONCRETE Development
  • Affordable Production line
  • Facility consultancy and setup
  • Lectures & Quality Management
  • Consultancy for house construction
  • As a package

The IDeA

Hybrid wall panels are developed for the production and building of low-cost and affordable houses. The easy to use production line and the fast hardening concrete will allow a fast usage of the wall elements. Our wall system enables you the build houses with your team in a very short time and thus have a faster growth of your business. Up to 10times faster compared with traditional masonry constructions or other pre-fab systems.


  • Walls, 5cm to 25cm load bearing wall elements.
  • Thermal insulation walls > 25cm (in 2019)
  • Partition walls, not load bearing.
  • Masonry elements
  • Facade elements

Low cost houses

The low-cost houses can be realized with 10cm thick hybrid wall elements and up to two stories high. With our wall panels included, good houses can be realized from 12.000 Euros. *)

Affordable houses

Affordable houses or Tiny houses can be realized with a wall thickness of 25cm and up to two stories high. With the wall elements, houses can be realized from 25.000 Euros. *)

Energy Saving houses

This category of houses can be realized with 40cm thick wall elements. Those will fulfill the regulations of the EnEv and can be realized from 100.000 Euros. *)



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