Light Weight & INsulation Concrete

G.tecz can offer you several solutions for light weight concretes: foamed concretes, filled concretes and high-tech concretes with aerogel fillers. All the concrete technologies are based on our Quantz concrete system and thus we can offer you sustainable, cost-effective and high performance materials - based on your own raw-materials.

The materials can be adapted regarding your requirments: mechanical properties, workability, application.

foam concrete

light weight concrete, realized with an foam agent - simple, fast, effective ...

light weight concrete

light weight concrete, realized with light weight aggregates and/or foam - strong & cost effective

aerogel concrete

light weight concrete with amazing mechanical and physical properties - best thermal performance ... >more information<

infra light weight concrete

the lightest concrete that can be realized - 300 to 500 kg per cubic meter ... >more information<