Concrete Innovation

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the world, but it is also one of the oldest. The change in material technology, production processes and constant innovations do not stop at the old known building material. On the contrary, in the past 15 years new concrete technologies have been developed alongside new products, manufacturing processes, digitisation (industry 4.0) and applications that were previously unimaginable.


Manufacturers of modern concrete elements, whether they are small family businesses, medium-sized companies or large corporations, must keep pace with this trend. For 10 years, the Kassel-based company G. tecz Engineering has been successfully offering engineering and consulting services for cement bonded materials - worldwide. The services are individually tailored to the partners' needs and range from simple concrete optimization in existing production facilities to project and change management, through to complete production or plant planning on a greenfield site, including business and strategy consulting; this is always industry- and implementation-oriented. 

Manufacturers of prefabricated elements, concrete producers or companies dealing with cement-bonded materials can only be competitive if their material technologies meet today's requirements, are suitable for products and the internal production processes run efficiently and safely.


Two practical examples: 


For a small medium-sized company producing prefab elements, a holistic analysis was carried out, i. e. from material composition to production technology, production processes and employee know-how. By optimizing the concrete formulation, which no longer corresponded to the state of the art, it was possible to achieve cost savings of approx. 20% and at the same time increase the material class and fair-faced concrete class. With a minimal reorganization of the production processes, employee training and modern concrete technology, the efficiency of the company was increased by approx. 15%.


Filigree façade elements made of high-strength or ultra-high-strength concrete (UHFB, UHPC) are becoming more and more interesting for the market of individual curtain wall façades. The company housefabrik GmbH offers complete solutions for this purpose for prefabrication plants or lateral entrants, which were developed by G. tecz Engineering. In an integrated development process, the material technology and the facade production plant were coordinated, optimized and implemented with partners. The efficiency of the plant enables a high production rate and ensures the competitiveness of the housefabrik customers.


Company know-how, employees, material technology, innovative products and production processes are the most valuable resources of a company. G. tecz offers individual, future-oriented technologies and concepts to increase the competitiveness of a company in cooperation with its team.