Your Leadership

Achieve a technological leadership by the improvement and extension of your products and fabrication facilities. Invest in your company’s future and gain latest innovations by our technology transfer. Obtain decreasing the production costs and primary energy by maximizing your profit margin. Decrease your cost of labour by establishing optimized fabrication processes. Position your company with a head start of new innovations at the top of the market.


 Due to the concrete optimization it will be possible to reduce the cement ratio between 15 and 40% while improving the materials' qualities. Energy- and material savings are possible up to 30%. Significant economizations could be reached by the use of Quantz. Because of the high material properties, the constructive volume of structural members could be reduced up to 50%. See the graphic for a comparison between a bridge with a regular concrete construction and a Quantz version.


Your Innovation-coverage

Reach innovation strength by using our expert’s knowledge and network. Due to a continuous information-flow regarding latest scientific material- and construction technologies you will stay tuned to the state of the art. As a lateral thinker and multidisciplinary problem solver we will develop your innovations, streamline and optimize production processes. Simultaneous engineering will reduce development time and costs. Gtecz offers you to act as your innovation driver and problem solver.

Secure and Reliable

Our cement bonded materials will just work — without all the complications you get with standard solutions.

Total Support

Get our technology and you get world-class support, expert advice, and professional attendance.


pure research

Our team is using additional 10% of their working hours for pure research and pure developments. Holistic or integral thinking in the sense of Hegel's and Humboldt's philosophy, time for free developments - not related to projects - the key for future technologies.