Concrete Design Masterclass

As part of the Concrete Design Masterclass for the winners of the Concrete Design Competition in four different countries, key-note lectures will be given by internationally prominent architects, structural engineers and concrete experts in the week of August 23. Because the Masterclass has to take place online this year, this also gives relations of Tektoniek the opportunity to attend the lectures for free via Zoom. At registration you can indicate which lectures you want to attend. All lectures are given in English.


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Gregor Zimmermann, G.Tecz Engineering,
Monday, August 23, 10:30 -11:30 a.m.

"It is not only about an elegant design, but also about a smart, cost-effective way of producing the concrete products so that the design is actually feasible." Gregor Zimmerman involves designers directly in the production process. With digital production techniques, the working method is becoming more integral. He discusses the latest techniques.

At G.tecz Engineering they know everything about (sustainable) concrete, about the latest innovations. They advise and support concrete manufacturers in optimizing their production, product development and innovations.