Heat-Proof Concrete

up to 1700 °C and still strong


- Monolithic Quantz (concrete) housing

- Economic and ecologic benefits

- No steel structures or housings

- No expensive ceramic isolation

- Tempartures up to 1700°C possible

- Heating up in seconds is possible

- Modular ovens can be realized

- Customized Plug&Heat systems

QUANTZ Heat PROOF is an substantial advancement

of the class of Ultra High Performance Concretes.

For the usage in high-temperature applications we adapted

the Quantz technology by using special aggregates and optimizing the formulation with new developed mathematic algorithms to improve density and strength.


THE PERFORMANCE of Quantz is much more than only a high

compressive strength. In fact, performance stands for perfect

workability, high quality, customized high compressive and

flexural strength, impermeability and an overall ecological and

economical effectivity. The material can be used for tempartures

up to 1700°C. Even after this temperature treatment, the

concrete will have high structural properties.


Plug & Heat

The Quantz heat-proof technology allows to develop and produce individual monolithic concrete housings for small or large oven systems. The Plug&Play respective Plug&Heat idea allows to develop oven concepts, where clients or users can change and configure the oven regarding their requirements.


Special -high temperature gas-jets can be used as well as electronical heating units. The temperature shock from 22°C to 1300°C in several seconds don’t effect the housing.


The shape of the concrete housing can be adapted freely regarding the technical parameters of the devices (burner, transportation units, sensors, sockets, ....)


Even if the geometry of the housing has to change because a larger combustion space is needed, the devices can be used again, only the Quantz housing must be replaced.

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