07 Architecture & Design Consultancy

from material to architecture and design

New Concrete Technologies open the doors for new architecture and design. We are supporting architects and designers to realize new ideas, projects and visions. Next to the pure material technology, we will support you with structural design, FEM calculations as well as mold design, production processes or even support on site.

Some of our references ....

Zaha Hadid Architects - London, Great Britain


Eleftheria Square, Cyprus. For Zaha Hadid architects and the local company Miltiades Neophytou G.tecz act as consultancy for the concrete formulation as well as casting processes. Next to material analyzation and proofing the whiteness of the concrete, engineers were on site to consult the handling with concrete. 

AHM Architects - Berlin, Germany

The Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt, located in Halle - Germany, just moved into their new building that is still under construction. G.tecz developed the only 9mm thick UHPC facade panels together with the  AHM Architects and the Digital Design Lab at the faculty for architecture in Kassel.

CSHdeluxe, the manufactury of G.tecz, produced more than 400 of the individual and filigree facade elements for that project. The facade surface is about 130 sqm and shows an impressive pattern, that was invented by the artist Judith Runge and was redesigned for production process.


The museeum was shown at the TAG DER ARCHITEKTUR at Halle (24th of June 2012).


Dietz Architects - Bad Hersfeld, Germany


Museum MUZKKKA, located in Rotenburg. The project team - Principal Rotenburg, Dietz Architects, Bollinger and Grohmann and G.tecz - are developing a holisitc solution. Architecture, construction and material are well optimized and are building a 'unit'. The material, that will be used for the building, is a UHPC based on the Quantz-technology by G.tecz - A special cast-in-place UHPC.


>> Dietz Architects

>> Bollinger & Grohmann

>> Rotenburg

>> G.tecz


Splitterwerk - Graz, Austria

IBA Hamburg - Spliterwerk, Bollinger + Grohmann and G.tecz developed new amazing ideas for new constructions with Ultra High performancre Concrete. For the IBA competition, concepts had been developed and material ideas desinged.

UNSTUDIO - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

MOOI NETHERLAND competion. Together with UNSTUDIO, Rohde-BeSB and Philips a new idea for multifuctional acustic panels or screens for highways was created. By using the newes technologies and know-how a complete new design could be developed.


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LOMA - Kassel, Germany

LOMA, situated in Kassel developed the concept for this project. 'THE SUN' is an afloat restaurant for the Bergheider See (Lausitz, Germany). In cooperation with Bollinger and Grohmann and G.tecz, LOMA developed the structure and the platform for the restaurant. 
The afloating platform will be an ultra high performance concrete construction which includes the 'basement' and supports the light-weight shell. Due to the high matrix density of the concrete, the platform will be absolutely water resistant. Corrosion of the steel-fibres or the rebars is impossible. Also an easy to clean surface of the underwater surface will minimize algae overgrowing.

SHAU - Amsterdam, The Netherlands